Wednesday, April 3, 2013

me likey dat: welcome squirrels!

Ever since tiny chumley has come into our lives, we seem to go through a lot of door mats.  Part of it, I think, can be blamed on the extremes of cold and heat in recent years given to us by Mother Nature, but part of it I am sure is due to the comings and goings of a four legged dirty pawed little kielbasa who likes keep tabs on his poopie snake collection and dig holes whenever and wherever possible in his backyard.  And, now that spring is here, chase squirrels and bunnies.

This year the shopping gods seems to have answered not only my usual pleas for a super cute budgety welcome mat that doesn't say welcome on it, but also the pleas from the little hunter himself.

hee hee, mom, r u sure we cannot leave the door cracked open just enough for me to pounce on the squirrels who will see our new mat and think they are welcome to just walk right in?? :)