Saturday, May 18, 2013

rideys with baxter: my new friend emil

Well hello everybuddy, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, continuing my in depth reporting today from under the superlatives tent here at the Wiener Dog Roast, where things are at the moment definitely slightly roasty because I am in the sun.  But do not worry, because as soon as dad puts me down, I will turn my bluetooth mic on again and we will see about interviewing a very special guest. Okay dad you can put me down now.

(Now, this fella here just won the prize for having traveled the longest distance to get here.  And judging by his mom and dad's super cool outfits or by the language I know I must use to talk to him, I think you might be able to tell where they came from. Okay,  I will ask him now if he has time for an interview, just like my teacher told us to say it in class)

His name is Emil and he came all the way from Germany, where his mom said dachshunds are actually not very popular at the moment. But at least you can find more standard sized ones there, which means I would not be the only little kielbasa in town if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, Emil turned out to be a bit of a charmer with my mom, and although he was very friendly, I did not want mom to share any more of my delicious venison snackies with him and so I sort of had to put an end to our interview early...

Speaking of having to leave early, I have to run and explain to mom why there was an email from teacher talking about finding cardboard cutouts of me and duk duk at our school desks Friday afternoon. And why mom found star trek matinee movie ticket stubs in our backpacks. All I can say is, I hope our relationship with our wii this weekend will still be long and prosperous.  This is Baxter your roving rover reporter, wishing you a Stellar Saturday! :)


Lovable Lily said...

Your furend sure did travel a long, long way to get there. He is most handsome too.

Nice that you shared your snackies with him but you're right... Enough is enough!

We hope your teacher will understand why you snuck outta school. Maybe you should write a paper on it and turn it in on Monday. That would sure impress her and maybe even keep you outta hot water.

Lily Belle

Anonymous said...

dear baxter!
nooo,dont believe emil!
we love and adore our dachshunds in germany.
and we even love them more when they are as cute as you two!
your german is excelent!
you must have learned a lot from you momma!
and you are sooo kind to share your precious snackies!
we would also love to share our treats with you
greetings from germany
sam and buddy and mommy anni

Kerri said...

That is one handsome shnoz Emil has!

Cathy Dee said...

hey B, my mom is going to Germany in a couple of weeks and if she can she will try to say hi to Emil for you. i don't get to go with mom this trip so i hope Germany is nice to her. (coming mama!!) oh..gotta go! smell you later B, your bud Willy

Marley said...

Wow, Emil is some smoozer when asking for another one of your snackies! You are a good roving reporter. Your German is sehr gut.
Marley's Lady