Friday, May 24, 2013

tiny baby buggy bumpers

well mom, are you sure she really needs it? 

i mean, i know it little miss julia is very attached to her tiny baby, Tiny Baby, and we know first hand that when it gets lost, nobuddy is happy. but who said she has to bring Tiny Baby with her everywhere anyways? It's not like Tiny Baby is real, like, you know, duk duk or chocobot or lulu the tiger or lil pink puppy.

and besides, me and duk duk already think that with a few tailoring tweaks, this super cool Tiny Baby convertible backpack/crossbody purse thatchoo made for little miss julia's birthday would be great for our summer pupscout trip to camp poopsalot.  cuz as you might imagine, we will be needing plenty of luggage to bring back our souvenirs if u know what i mean.  and some of what we will be making - er, finding - could be high up in the mountains and we will need to keep our hands free to protect ourselves from the hungry bears as we carry our precious finds back to base camp.  you understand, right? and with the colors being so bright if we get lost if our gps doesn't -  wait, what's that? oh..make us another one? okay well sure, yippee i guess that will work! so long as you promise to make it in time for our trip because you know that is happening in just a few weeks, right?

now please do not mind me.  i will just sit here by the window and wait for the little miss julia and Tiny Baby because i am sure they will be coming over any second now and when they do, maybe we put  some snackies and Tiny Baby inside and we can all go for a walkie to the playground!! :)

The Tiny Baby Quilted Convertible Backpack and Crossbody Purse prototype, for tiny babies, and not-so-tiny dachshund adventurers. :)


Marley said...

You have a great idea, Baxter. Maybe you'll get one of your own in camouflage!

Cathy D and Willy the Wiener Dog said...

Baxter, your mom never ceases to amaze me with her sooper dooper mega talent! This is just the coolest thing and i'm pretty sure Willy could use one, in boy colors tho. :)

kalyxcorn said...

i sure hope so , marley!!

thank you miss cathy and willy! if she ever makes more i will letchoo know! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure these were going to be available on Etsy. How cute. Miss Penny would love this. She could carry her leave the baby bird alone snackies in there.
The other day we saw a momma and poppa quail pretend their wings were broken to distract Penny from their baby. It sure worked. It was was one of those - isn't nature wonderful moments!!
I went back later without Penny to make sure the baby quail was back with his parents. So cute.


Anonymous said...

So cute. Nice job again mom and B, U are the best one to show us how lovely it look's like. :)
Joann in Paris.