Thursday, June 6, 2013

dapper doxie duds: funk soul highlander

Hee hee, I  hope a certain little somebuddy named Millie will have as much fun wearing her new dud and celebrating her family's heritage, as much as I did making it.  :)

Made for Millie: Vibrant peacock blue lace overlay vest harness on hand dyed cotton damask base, carmine red plaid binding.  Embellished with a Gordon Rennie Mackintosh sterling pin and removable brown and blue tweed woolen kilt and scarf. For romping through heathered moors, and other happy adventures. :) 

 mom, next time, can you please always make another one in my size so i can model it properly?  me and duk duk really wanted to wear kilts anyway for our scottish pirate adventure. they are so flattering yet so very versatile too.  and breezy! :)



Lovable Lily said...

Your furend Millie is going to look so beautiful in her new outfit. Your Mom has an amazing talent!

Can we ask you Baxter the age ol'e question? What does a doxie dude like yourself wear under a kilt?

Lily Belle & Muffin

Lizzy said...

The minute I get my next doxie dog I'm going to get his or her own very special dud.. this one is so special. I wish the owners would post pics of their darlings in them.

Super Buck said...

Love it!! Wow might be time for Gabby to get a new fab dud. You are just beyond talented. Yay Baxter's Mom!!
Mr soulful eyes, Gabby & Bucky say wassup dog!!

Bludog said...

That is INSANELY awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just Wow! Tell Baxter that if you come up with a neat DDD for Ike, I'm sure it will fit him so he can do some dachshund modeling!

Wow again!