Wednesday, July 10, 2013

hungry games 2013: the blue plate special

There are a few things I thought I knew about tiny chumley as a result of our playing the hungry games.  First, when given a choice between two equivalent snackies set before him side by side, he almost always chooses to eat the one on his right first.  Second, that he would always choose the stinkiest snackie first when given the choice between two different ones.  And third, that because I knew about One and Two, it would be fairly easy predict the ending to any hungry games with some simple two out of three eliminiation trials just to be sure things were kept fair and unbiased.

At least, that is what I thought I knew.   Til time and time again during yesterday's games, I watched tiny chumley pick first from his left, and pick that snackie regardless of how stinky it was.  Test after test after test.  Left before right?  Chicken before Stinky fish bites?  And we haven't even gotten to the star of the show yet.  Okay, I started to wonder as tiny chumley's tummy grew rounder and rounder with each passing trial, was yesterday Bizarro Tuesday and I didn't even know it? 

Tiny chumley looked at me with a glint in his eye as I contemplated my next move.  well, are we playing this or aren't we, mom? my tummy is waaaa-itinnnng!

He had me going for a while more, filling his tummy while the hungry games stalled without a clear leader. His tummy, in cahoots with his brain, telling him to pick from his left regardless of what snackie was in it.    Til I wondered what would happen if I also switched the plates.

ding ding! today i've been picking the blue plate special -  it's a tasty winner every time!!

Guess next time I need to break out the matching fine china. :)



Lovable Lily said...

Good job Baxter, you sure fooled her! :)

Lily Belle & Muffin

Anonymous said...

This can only mean one thing. Baxter will now have to participate in the Poopsie Challenge.

Kerri said...

It looks like the non-blue bowl has a graphic on the bottom and the blue does not. I'd be curious to see a hungry games when the colors are the same, but there is not a graphic. Although he usually goes for the stinkiest, I wonder if somehow the treat standing alone on the non-graphic plate played a part in the selection?

Virginia Hughes @ PhD Degree Programs said...

Hungry games? I thought it was hunger games. Just kidding! Anyway, your little dude is so cute and adorable! I think he simply doesn’t mind if it’s stinky or not as long as it’s delicious! Well, that’s the spirit! Anyway, hope you’re feeling safe and sound! See ya next time!

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