Thursday, February 13, 2014

world war b: genius knocks at the back door

Unable to use their jury-rigged cootiesphere from last year because their mom filled it with fabric, Baxter and his toyfriend, duk duk,  use their snow day off from school to continue brainstorming new and viable solutions to the anticipated and very much dreaded outbreak of Valentine's Day cooties, transmittable only by stinky girls who refuse to stand over there....

hee hee hee, by poops, i think we've got it, duk duk!  if we just wear our pants on our heads and keep walking backwards like this at school all day, i think this plan will totally work!

and the best part? if anybuddy violates our stand over there policy and tries to kiss us in the "face" and give us cooties, ka-pow, instant stinkification! :) :)