Monday, March 24, 2014

l'homme poopita

that's right mister rainbow manhands, the two stinky bassets next door. easy peasy with your excellent throwing arms, right? and in exchange, me and duk duk will give u three gummy worms and a banana peel.  oh, and u can have unlimited access to our wii for two whole days!

but, remember, this mission is top secret so you will have to use your own poop. and, if u get caught? or your secret ops mission is somehow traced back to me or duk duk? or if u fail to hit your targets multiple times as outlined in this discussion? we will call in Viktor the cleaner and this transaction becomes null and void.  do we have a deal? :) :)


Bludog said...

godspeed and good luck mr. rainbow manhands!

Lisa Stock said...

Rut Roh! You're turning into "The Dogfather" B-Man. Them stinky bassetts better watch it or pretty soon they'll be swimming with the poppie snakes. :/