Sunday, April 6, 2014

scenes from a lunchy lunch with a tiny movie critic (who also happens to be bored)

...and so, after he finds out injector assembly number one has been deactivated, ru'afo goes..

and that is pretty much where me and duk duk had to stop the movie on account of it being past our bedtime so i do not know yet what happens to the son'a or the ba'ku. but I hope the Borg come and assimilate everything because really, so far there has been way too much talking and sharing and not enough shooting, know what I mean?  and well, that's that...boy our lunchy lunch is taking forever to get here...

hey, mom, u want me to show u the thirty three different sounds me and duk duk can make when we make a foofie? I just need to borrow your straw, some scotch tape, and a tin can. :) :)