Sunday, May 18, 2014

stink marks the spot :)

hee hee, no need to be shy, frankie junior my puppy friend who lives in the next neighborhood. go ahead and let the force guide your nose to its destiny!

ooh your nose is cold, Frankie j! Houston, nasal docking procedure with lunar foofie module b.a.x. is a success.  repeat, nasal docking procedure with lunar foofie module b.a.x is a success. commencing second phase lunar module de-pressurization in three, two, one...(pfweeeeeoooeeeoooo!)

hee hee yeah u like it Frankie? the secret ingredient is canned stinky salmon. u should ask for it the next time your mom takes u to the pet store. not only does it make your poop stink, but if u r lucky u might also get the butt scooties. and, if for some reason u cannot find the salmon stuff, try eating some cat poop if u can find it. you will not get quite the same dry down as with the salmon stuff and the base notes are a little earthier, but the taste and texture pair well with both regular low fat kibble and gummy worms, so you can eat it either as a main course, a side, or even dessert.  what's that Frankie? yeah sure I can wait a sec.  I got a million of these so be sure to get your biggest one!

Frankie's gotta go back inside his house and get his pencil and notebook so he can write all ths down.  oh, if he's going back inside, that reminds me -

hey Frankie j! bring a couple of your toys and I will show you how to start your own secret club!! :)


Bludog said...

Maybe Frankie would like to have some stink in a can?