Monday, September 15, 2014

partners in rhyme

I like sitting in my dad's lap 
because it is comfy and warm like a hot monkey chow drink 
and sometimes, 
when one of us makes a foofie stink,
we will point the finger of blame at each other,
and mom does not know what to think.

-baxter, 7.75 years old, enjoying time with his dad on a Saturday afternoon :) 


Lovable Lily said...

We love hanging out with our Dad too! (Sure hope Mommy doesn't take that the wrong way.....)

Lily Belle & Muffin

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee no worries lily belle n muffin. i hope your dad is doing much much better btw. my dad usually keeps me up to speed on all the doxie news but i have been so busy helping mom i forgot to ask dad about your dad! :)