Friday, November 7, 2014

winter is coming

hee hee hee, hooray - phase two of our heat cave project is now finished, duk duk! i am sure glad mom figured out how to make everything from our drawings.  especially this supercool awning, right?  no medieval tent is really complete without one. the starks had them. and i sure bet the lannisters did too. 

only i bet theirs did not retract!

last one in's a rotten poopie snake! well, a more rotten one anyway.

(shuffle shuffle) (shuffle shuffle) hey hey, pheeeeeeeew! duk duk, didjoo just..oh nevermind i just did one too so we are even.

okay,  maybe at in phase three we ask mom for a pull cord so we can pull george over whenever we wanty want. :)


Linda B said...

wow! baxter! your mom is the coolest and you are the luckiest guy. i love your cool doxie heat cave castle. your mom needs to get some in her etsy shop!!! :)

miss linda and princess kirby

Bludog said...

This will be good for the Night's Watch at the Wall for brave Bax Snow and Dukwell Dukly

Anonymous said...

My, oh, my! What a regal heat cave/tent for the regal Knight Baxter and his faithful companion Duk Duk. Good thing little Klaus can't view your regal tent. he would want one.

Little Klaus' Mom

Saundra Romanus said...

Hi Baxter,
Your Mom really outdid herself this time, your heat cave is soooo nice! Nice and Warm! Where do you have it in the living room? Just in time for the cold weather!
Licks and Kisses,
Emmy & Cocoa's Mom