Friday, May 29, 2015


so, yesterday, me and duk duk decided to make me a motorcycle helmet out of biodegradable packing peanuts because, well, we had a ton of them, and all u do is just stick them together with water and, well,  u know, we thought me wearing a big ol packing peanut helmet would be really funny for today's blog posty. and so, anyway, while we were making it, the post lady arrived and u could tell she was going to bring us a package, so i asked mom 2 take off my helmet real quick and set it aside because u know, i was gonna get all barky and stuff. and, anyhow lo and behold the postlady brought us the zucchini noodle maker we ordered, so well, long story short, while mom and duk duk were busy making cucumber curly ribbons up on the countertop because we did not have any zucchini because none of us thought our package would arrive so quickly, well, my helmet smelled so popcorny delicious, and it was just lying there so...well, i sort of ate it. before we could take pictures. and that was pretty much our yesterday. which brings us 2 today. and u know, this picture of duk duk and me, not wearing my packing peanut helmet :)


Bludog said...

Does that mean you a pooping packing peanuts? (say that three time fast!)

Anonymous said...

Careful. I know a cat that ate some packing peanuts and wound up in surgery with a bowel obstruction. That's a dead poopie snake in your lingo.

kalyxcorn said...

unfortunately miss bludog they are the kind of packing peanuts that dissolve into nuttin with water so pretty sure my poop will just be poopie shaped. and thank u for your concern mister miss anonymous - the peanuts are the cornstarch based ones and although u do not want to eat them nutritionally speaking, It is not an emergency if u well u know, snitch a few :)