Wednesday, September 16, 2015

pantalones de goma

dear diary,
you would think after all this time, the tushie man might remember what to touch and not to touch when he comes for my annual checkup. but every year,  just in case to make sure he remembers, me and duk duk always like to make sure it is abundantly clear. and every year, no matter how we say it, it seems he does not listen.

i sure hope next year mom finally finishes making me my rubber pants.

b. :)


Anonymous said...

Heehee. Rubber pants.

Anonymous said...

Too bad our little Shylock is no longer among the living. He sure could have used your little tail decoration for his appointments to his vet (a.k.a. tushie man).

Little Klaus' Mom

M&P said...

Penny doesn't flinch. I guess girls are just braver than boys. Cooties and all.

Melissa Bower said...

Brownie the dachshund thinks this is funny! He needs his anal glands done regularly - sadly because he has a broken tail from a previous abusive owner. He hates it, but it makes a huge difference for him. We've tried giving him more fiber/better dog food, but I think his age and the broken tail are a factor.