Monday, October 19, 2015

just another makey Monday :)

hee hee okay mom u can take pictures but keep them fuzzy because our Halloween costumes are top secret and even though this is just a fit model based on the pattern u drew up from scratch, u just never know who might put 2 and 2 together and that would b a total disaster. and 2 answer your question, I agree it is a little bunchy and baggy back there even 4 me. I cannot imagine what it would feel like now if zorro never visited me when I was a puppy and he never took away my u know whats. I do not even like it when I poop a Loki.

oh yes, totally take it in. that feels much better. what's that? o, well , u know how when u accidentally eat a toyfriend thread, and u do not know u ate a toyfriend thread til, u know, it comes out, but it always comes out last and it keeps all the u know what that came out first just hanging around? and no matter how hard u try to get rid of the u know what that's hanging from your butt it just keeps hanging around? well a pooping a Loki is that. because no matter how hard u try to get rid of the real Loki , he just keeps hanging around. it happened in Thor one and it happened in Thor two and it even happened in avengers 1, remember?

and pretty much the only person who can really get rid of Loki is Thor, which is why sometimes from the backyard when dad takes me out for u know what, u might hear me asking dad to Thor me, which now u know would be for obvious reasons. 

yep, I'm pretty happy with the range of motion and the leg length is pretty good too. but I feel like the tail hole should be moved up and if we are going to do that then maybe we can also make the legscye a little bigger just to, u know, optimize things?  if u draw it with a sharpie I can tell u if it is right or not.

yeppies like that. oh snap it is almost time for me and duk duk and chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy to pedal to school! I sure hope duk duk remembered to pack the trebuchet today. lemme get off the table and round everybuddy up..

o and mom, do not forget to take the fuzzy filter off the iPhoney and text me during study hall if u have any measurement questions :)


Jane said...

Baxter, you are so helpful with your Mom getting your costume ready. I wonder what you will be??