Monday, February 8, 2016

the here and now

dear diary,
i am happy to write u and tell u that although me and duk duk's much anticipated first top secret makey project of 2016 is not yet available in our kalyxcraftopia etsy world, it will be hopefully very soon once the sun comes out and we can take pictures and work on our awesome listing.  in the meanwhile, i am also happy to write that me and duk duk expanded our card portfolio in a very royal way this past weekend with the addition of a new supercool birthday card , plus a new mother's day card and a new father's day card.  which is pretty perfect because just about everybuddy's birthday is always coming up and of course mother's day and father's day are coming up too.  u might find the cards interesting because u can see what a difference four years makes in my wolfiness.  but do not be afraid because even after fully transform into a wolf which is still probably a few years off,  i will still be me, only rawwrryer.  

speaking of rawwwryness, i have asked mom to work with me on my patience and timing because as u know, to be a skilled and successful predator, wolf needs quite a lot of patience to know exactly when to really spring out of the woods and pounce on his prey.  needless to say, these patience tests are a difficult task, but one worthy of completion if one is to become a true and successful wolf.   i will keep u informed of my progress.

b. :)

...okay, now, mom? now? um, now?...