Monday, February 1, 2016

unseasonably yours

A frozen shoulder has limited my makey abilities in recent times, but thanks to the magic fingers of my physical therapy team, my shoulder and my spirits have become functional enough to allow me to work on our latest top secret makey project, the results of which I know a certain little wannabe wolf and falcon are anxious to introduce to the world and put in the shop for all to experience.

With any luck, tiny chumley and duk duk will send out a doot later this week or sometime next.  But for now, all they can do is patiently wait, and they can bask in the sunshine streaming through the open window of an unseasonably warm winter day. :)

hee hee, pheeeeeeeew. okay yeah that was me, duk duk.  good thing mom opened the window. :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you are better. That is so very painful. Be careful you don't overdo.
I see a familiar schnozzola in that picture I believe. So anxious.
I'm sure the dr won't want you cleaning house and cooking for at least 6 more weeks. Dad, time to help.