Friday, April 29, 2016

light saber therapy

dear diary,
even though things have been pretty boring in jail, things sometimes can get interesting.  like when I heard mom and dad signed me up for laser therapy.  at first i thought it would be all light sabers and jedi fighting, but nopies.  and then i thought it would be like, all laser guns and han solo running and stuff, but nopies.  mostly, i just have to sit still while doctor miss Erin waves her magic red eyeball wand all over my spine.  well, i think it is red but i cannot tell u for sure since i am not supposed to really look at it which is why i am wearing doggles.  all in all, it is not nearly as scary as i thought it would be, which is why me and duk duk decided to add our own super cool sound effects to the video we made of me getting my second treatment.    i hope u like it.

b. )


Anonymous said...

Interesting!! Isn't it your neck that hurts? X-ray show weakness there? No horse heads like a proper Dachshund spine?

Nat said...

Those sound effects are AWESOME!!!