Wednesday, February 15, 2017

where there's a wolf there's a way :)

hee hee, yeppies duk duk, i think this is exact the extra height we need to get to the uknowwhat at the uknowwhere. yessiree, this is what happens when a hungry wolf brings his mom a perfectly good pair of shoes for her to wear and she's all thanks but nopies and then she goes off leaving him high and dry without payment in full. i mean, seriously, who does that? but u know what they say, where there's a wolf there's a way. and with this extra height surely we can finally reach the snackie jar ourselves and finally we can become self-suff... duk? hey, duk duk, where'd u -

whoops. um, hello, mom. nothing to see here really. u look nice today :)


Jane said...

What was mom thinking Baxter? No treats? Doesn't seem fair.