Friday, April 6, 2018

say it

...hee hee, say it!...duk duk, i said, say it! hee hee hee nopies, there is no way i could even be crushing your trachea because we both know for reasons i have already apologized for multiple times that u do not have one.

besides, that’s what u get for being best friends with a ferocious wolf. now, say it and i will let go, so say it already!! boy, for a one winged falcon u sure are strong... but luckily, i am stronger! so say...peeeeee-eeeeeee-eewwww. kaaack. kaaack. hee hee hee, okay u win. omg duk duk that was a doozy.

o hi mom. um, nothing really. we were just reading and..wait, what do u mean stop playing silly smelly games? we were just sitting here and suddenly out of nowhere this giant foofie cloud came up and...okay, fine. i said okay. pupscouts honor. have a nice time at the grocery store and we love you too bye.

hee hee, and that concludes another smellytastic meeting of the royal order of falcons. :)


Anonymous said...

I see you are as sweet and kind to duk duk, as Little Klaus is to Quack-Quack. But as you said, that's what happens when you become the friend of a fierce wolf.

Little Wisconsin Klaus' mom, Krista