Friday, April 23, 2010

dapper doxie duds: lepidoxulata lavandula

Whee! Another dud brought to life by the little kielbasa, who not only had to wear this dud for Molly not once but twice, when I decided a little subtle sequiny shimmer would do a world of good for Molly's lavender wings. What? Wings for Molly? Shimmery Wings? What will her big siblings think? Molly's got a reputation to maintain. Fearless molly, queen alpha doxie.

But fear not, whenever Molly wants to conceal her inner butterfly, all she has to do is unsnap her wings and snap on her new vintage carved mother of pearl secret decoder button. Nobody will ever know she's actually a member of the lepidoxierology club. Unless she wants them to know. ;)

Tiny chumley, however, has already been outed thanks to the modelling work he did last week with Annie's wings. Baxter has a long way to go to recover his reputation with the squirrels, but he is hopeful that Duk Duk's new PR plan might do the trick. It's all about attitude, right?

i am butterfly,
superhero and hunter.
run, you squirrels, run!

- baxter, 3.34 years old, hoping his new re-imaging campaign will get back his street cred with the squirrels.


DoDo and MoMo said...

Toothfairy doxie? ^^;

jiorji said...

i love that last picture there!! beautiful outfit!! i totally like to see what you make. Sigh...i wish i had a puppy to dress up. I value my life and eyes, or i'd order a costume for one of my cats HAHA

Hannalei said...

The gasp heard around the world.. or at least throughout my little house.

Your creations are simply breathtaking and with such a handsome model how could you ever go wrong.

Bludog said...

It's all about the street cred ;-)

Liz said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! The harness, the wings- and Baxter!

Lorenza said...

You look adorable, Baxter!
Kisses and hugs

Matilda said...

Wow! You are so beautiful, Baxter!
I love it!