Thursday, April 21, 2011

the tushie man cometh

Tiny chumley's ever twinkly halo of lucky charms and green clovers took a temporary tumble off his head yesterday, falling to the ground with a giant thud the moment he saw the big white van pull up and stop.
nooooooooooooooooooooo, the little kielbasa barked in protest as he sensed this familiar impending doom. it is only april and i do not see the tushie man and his lady for another six months!

Baxter, of course, was right.  He wasn't due for his annual checkup til October.  But yesterday was special.  Yesterday was rabies shot day. And despite the fact that everything went quickly, and no tushie invasion was required, and friends were made again all around, the little kielbasa still decided to voice his discontent one last time after left the van and reached the top of our driveway.   Barking, in no uncertain terms, that it was time for this unwelcome disruption to his day to come to an end.  And guarding his precious tushie all the while.

it's been great, come back again - when pigs fly.  hasta poop-ego. don't call me, i'll call u.  uh-reeve-uh-poopies! smell ya later!


Keren Hening said...

"Touch on hair on this twin-whorl turbo baby and you'll get a stink bomb with the staying power of eau d'skunk!"

Guinness (Don't stress, Bax, I gotcher back, Bro!)

Jordan said...

Heeheehee, sounds like Baxter had a... fun... day... ;) NOW you get to wait 6 months!?! <3

Simply Smitten said...

My Willie goes in for his check-up on Monday, but shhhh, he doesn't know yet! ;)

Taylor Lynn said...

Check it out, Baxter! Looks like you successfully guarded your tushie. Congrats! ;)

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, guinness u know me so well! :)

i know, right miss jordan? no fair seein the tushie man TWICE in a year unless I really really need to!

oooh i will not tell miss simply smitten but i sure hope he gets plenty of snackies afterwards!

hee hee, sometimes i wish they made tushie armor. hmm....i do have my foil hat...hmmm... :) b

Alicia said...

You tell 'em Baxter! Keep your mitts off the delicate merchandise, and don't come back unless you're delivering rawhide treats!

Thank goodness I had that surgery years ago and now, no tushie issues for me.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh! I sooooo needed it today, especially since I have to go to the dentist later! I guess it is better than the tushie man.....

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Yep... I had a similar clamp-down-the-tail maneuver I used to use at the vet too. I guess it's universal. Glad you survived the visit, pal.

pawhugs, Max

Anonymous said...


We want you to be healthy!
I get mint in June (gulp)

Riley Mae said...

Hey, Baxter! I'm Riley, Jordan's little sister. I've been reading your blog for like a month now, and I didn't know I could comment! But I can! Yay! I love all your posts especially 'this land is my land'. It Made me laugh out loud! Thanks for making my day!
Paw hugs & licks!
~Riley Mae

Whit said...

Oh poor Baxter! I'm glad your tushie was left alone! My Milo does not like that either (but then, what self respecting dachshund - or any other dog - would, I guess?). He doesn't hold any grudges against the tushie-person either, and at the end they are friends!
Visits are always better when ended with treats, too!

Biscuits & Kisses,
Whit & Milo

kalyxcorn said...

ha, oskar u r lucky ur mom is so brave! my mom says if it's leaky, well, don't fix it. i guess...! :)

hee hee, anonymous, me n my tushie are glad to help! :)

ooh, max, i have never seen a kitty with its tail between its legs. whatzat even look like?

hello hildy! yes mom says i have to be nice to the tushie man and his lady for that very reason. i do like them, just u know, well, tushie.

yippee! hello miss riley mae! i hope one day u will have a blog too so i can follow u! so tell me, which of you three sisters is the messiest eater? cuz if i ever get to visit u, i want to be sure to be sittin underneath that person at the dinner table! well, if willie will let me. :)

hee hee, miss whit, snackies ALWAYS make up for everything usually, don't they? give milo a sniff at teh butt for me, will u? :)

Riley Mae said...

I'll be sure to tell you if I get a blog Baxter! I'm not sure who the messiest eater is. We're all very messy! Well, Tell your mom I said hi!
Paw hugs & licks,
Riley Mae

kalyxcorn said...

oh if i get to visit then i so will have to just move from person to person then! :)