Tuesday, March 27, 2012

double posties: easter is almost here!

Yippee, today is double posties day because  I just looked at my calendar and realized just how quickly time flies!  But lucky for all of us,  it's not too late to visit the kalyxcraftopia etsy shop and send your favorite homies and homettes a happy little Easter greeting, courtesy of u know who. 

And do not worry if you need different quantities, as always please feel free to etsy convo and if you are looking for other goodies, not only is the Peter Cottontail Easter card there too, but also the Tomodachi Dog and Bunny Friends card and art prints and a whole lot of other fun and happy cards and tiny tiny gifties that you might want to include in this year's Easter basket!  Happy Spring, friends!! :)

ps - don't forget to scroll on down a bit  or clicky here to checky checky what the little b's been up to in his happy little world.  :)


Jeanne said...

Got my Baxter bunny card already! Wooty woot!