Wednesday, May 23, 2012

dapper doxie duds: otto n linus

dear diary,
yippee! it seems like forever since i have talked to you about modeling duds and lucky for me and my tummy, that streak is now broken.  cuz this is me, modeling the duds that my mom made for ike's brothers otto and linus!  and i will tell you all about them.

this is otto's summer dud, made from a nice green and blue cotton batik and trimmed in solid green twill. it is super cool because not only did mom use vintage woven label trim, but she also put a squirrel charm on there that u cannot see very well unless u enlarge the image, but trust me, it is very cool and personally i would like one on one of my duds so mom if u ever read my diary, i forgive u so long as u remember this.

this is otto's winter dud and it is made from a super nice pendleton wool houndstoothy plaid.  and a swell silk necktie that my mom quilted to add texture. and just like his brother ike's winter dud, my mom made an etched and stamped copper tag with otto's name on it.  very dapper, right? :)

now every dog needs an all season dud and dontchoo think that a dud pieced together from double mercerized golf shirting materials would fit the bill, especially when there is a snackie pocket involved because the material is so stretchy  that if u are lucky enough to have more than one snackie to put in your pocket, you can? mom, if u are still reading my diary, i really would like one of these too please.

and last but not least, here is linus's happy trains n boats pieced necktie dud!  and it would probably be helpful to know that linus is actually technically ike and otto's uncle, because linus once belonged to ike n otto's mom's dad. but sadly, ike n otto's mom's dad passed away, and linus now lives with ike and otto.  so to help linus remember his dad now that he is gone, my mom made linus's duds out of some of his dad's neckties.  that way when he goes walkies, his dad will always be close by, hugging him and keeping him safe.

anyhoo diary, those are the duds for otto n linus and i hope they like them a lot - i know i did, and i could not even focus on them for very long on account of the visitors we had yesterday who were working on the house so as u can imagine it was quite a zoo around here and if you are still reading my diary, i do not believe you mom when you say it is of my own doing because u know i am barking to protect our house and those guys were so taking things away - even if they were replacing it with other things.  and they did not give me snackies.    which every grown dog knows is totally a barkable offense.

b. :)


firstyouleap said...

Wow, you have out done yourself! Those are wonderful duds, I particularly like the touch of making Linus' out of his dad's ties. That will make him so very happy.
Melinda and Teagan
(we should be lucky enough to see these boys sometime soon, we will have to see these duds!)

Anonymous said...

They are all BEAUTIFUL!! Now all three boys will be stylin' on their walks (and Otto won't have to borrow Ike's DDDs). I got teary with what you wrote about Linus' DDD. Thank you for all your hard work!


Jasper + Amy said...

Ooooo, thanks for posting these great pics Baxter!! Now when mom gets home I can bug her about not sending back my fabric to your mom so she can start my new duds!! And I really like the golf shirt material one, it looks so comfy. :)


willy the wiener dog said...

yur mom is abso-barkin-lutely amazing!! i wish my mom cud make me duds like yur mom makes! mom says if I wud quit making stinky stink in my ni-nite i might be able to wear sumthin like u wear. apparently she doesn't like me stinky stinkin our home. personally i think it's awesome..heehee anywho mom says she's thinking about getting me sum new duds from ur mom. i must behave, i must behave, i must be.... oooh, who am i kidding?

Lovable Lily said...

Such beautiful duds as always. My mommy can't even sew on a button (but please don't tell her I told you that.)

I know that Linus will be ever so pleased to have that special piece of his Dad with him. So very touching (Mommys crying once again.)

Lily Belle

Lorenza said...

And you are a super model!
Kisses and hugs

Kaunis Nelli said...

These are all amazing but I like the last one best.

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee thank u all my friends! me just got back from visting my uncle dana so i will chat with u again after i unpack! :)