Saturday, February 9, 2013

dapper doxie duds: outdoor adventures with lucy

Today a peekypoo at a harness I was able to finish earlier in the week, for Nikki's sister Lucy, a sweet girl who loves to walk thru puddles and climb on rocks with her sister and mom. And who happens to love Snoopy. :)

Lucy's dud is made with a curved pieced mix of cotton prints and hand dyes, and embellished with reflective piping.  Ever so daring, she and her mom also opted for an experimental water resistant finish that hopefully will help keep her tummy strap nice n dry as she skips from puddles to puddles.

Tiny chumley, of course, wanted to do his best to help with the photo shoot, but alas with his trim trim diet he is now no longer big kielbasa on the block, and he sat happily on the sidelines until it became evident that he was not going to get any snackie credit at all for this shoot.  At which point tiny godzilla came to down, and traipsed and traipsed until finally a noise outside the window turned Baxzilla into the Barkinator. :)

hello lucy n nikki! i am sorry i could not model your dud for you but I hope u love love love it! :) :)


Kari S said...

Excited to hear how the water resistant fabric does. Penny & Leroy's are always getting dirty and wet so that would be awesome if it worked. Love the cute!

Sharon O said...

Stunning - Lucy's a lucky pup! (might have been a little to "girlie" for you to model Baxter -doesn't really "say" Baxilla . . .