Thursday, May 16, 2013

rideys with baxter: reporting tips, and the one that got away

Hello again my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, picking up from Tuesday's story here at the Wiener Dog Roast! Now, as you might recall,  my trip here was a stroke of some mighty good luck because I need to do some sniffing research for me and duk duk's next super secret project. And, as any good reporter will tell you, the key to a good story (or in my case, a good sniff) is all about getting a good tip.

Like this one, from my new friend here who was waiting in line for some super swell doggie ice cream.  Do not tell mom but I snitched a taste from a cup I found on the floor by the man who was drawing caricatures, and I must say, it was delicious!

Anyhoo, every good reporter also knows that patience is sometimes key.  Because once I was situated by the doors where my friend said there was some good sniffing, well wouldn't you know it, but by the time I got there,  I think everybuddy had been all sniffed out.  And everyone was on their way to browse and shop all the fine goodies inside.

Well,  except for a couple of fellas, who decided it not only would they shop inside, but also poop inside on the soft soft carpet.  I would have taken pictures of that for you but you already know how that goes.  But let me tell you, their poopie snakes were impressively massive.  Like, level three poopmaster black belt massive. With a nice woody top note, and cardamom and leather mid notes.  I could not tell you the dry down because unfortunately their mom and dad cleaned it all up before then.  But I bet it would have been fantastic, and its sillage very long lasting.

Some of the doxies I met were not quite ready to participate in my survey, which was just as well in retrospect,  since I might have caught some girl cooties and that would have totally thrown my nose off.

Not all the tushies I missed out on were girls though.  Well, for all I know this could have been a girl, but I still call this one, "The One That Got Away".  Something tells me that tushie would have smelled absolutely divine.

Tomorrow, I will report to you with more scenes from the Weenie Dog Roast.  If I do not find another nice patch of sun that is. But I will try my best not to. This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you a Thoroughly Thuper Thursday!! :) 


Lovable Lily said...

We agree Baxter, that is one mighty fine looking butt in that last picture! You had just the best time at the Weenie Roast, we can tell. We're looking forward to seeing more of your adventure. Did your Mom buy any treasures to bring home? We always love her shopping trips.

Lily Belle & Muffin

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee yes lily belle! if u clicky on the word goodies u will see what i got mom. the pooping incident happened right by that lady's table and needless to say it was very distracting but i managed to pick something, even though all i wanted to do was sniff at the snake! :)

Anonymous said...

Did those 2 doxies in the picture have on Duds. Looks similar but I would have to see how finely stitched they are. Would not surprise me if u ran into some super Mom made Duds on one of those Doxies.


kalyxcorn said...

Nope they were most likely duds by the lady who was selling ready made ones there. And there are not many pups in my state who have duds that mom made. Or many pups in general! :)