Friday, May 10, 2013

word of the day: dermatographism

Something tells me I am going to miss the days of being bullet proof.  Of feeling young and invincible in the ways that only being young and naive allows one to think.  I know I will miss it as I do now, for my itching does tell me so. 

For a few days now I've been itchy, and I've been staying up late at night,  furiously googling for leads as to what it might be, all the while the itch seemed to spread on a daily basis, one small discouraging place on my skin after another.  Taking me on an emotional rollercoaster of hope and despair.  Oh it's better now, oh it's worse, oh it's better now, oh its..lemme google again and see what I find.

By the time tiny chumley made it into my top three list of possible culprits , I knew it was time to stop speculating and start getting to the bottom of what I can only describe as a periodic but very annoying problem. And lucky for me my dermatologist had an opening yesterday.

The good news,  it ain't tiny chumley, it ain't contagious, nor was it any of the frightful stuff I found online. After scratching an x on me and watching it turn red and I guess a bit raised, she thinks it's dermatographism, today's word of the day.  Although I don't get nearly the level of raised effect as you will see when you google images for it, thankfully.  Phew, at least it's not something creepy and at least tiny chumley doesn't have to suffer thru dips and pills and the like.  But the frustrating news is, that doesn't really help identify the source causing my body's overreaction.

If I were a good girl who always followed doctor's orders, I'd be starting myself back up on zyrtec at night and taking an allegra in the morning for two weeks, then maybe remove the allegra but keeping doing the zyrtec for another two weeks, and voila, hopefully be fixed. Or then I just keep doing it for longer.  But one of my top suspects as to the cause of  my problem has been a phenomenon that has been reported only anectdotally on the web, and that's an itchy withdrawal response to the long term use of cetirizine.  Cuz thanks to the crazy weather,  I've been on it for three months now, a month longer than I'v ever taken it.  And I don't want to be a zyrtec junkie.  I don't want to be a pill junkie of any kind if I can help it.    So, I'm thinking of toughing it out for another week, or at least another few days to see if things get better on their own.  I am sure it will be a test of my willpower but I figure it's worth finding out. 

Oh, so I'm TMI sharing this because I am also thinking about whether or not tiny chumley and I will  be able to post daily during all this.  So don't be alarmed if there isn't a post tomorrow or if posting is not quite on the regular schedule that it has been in the past.  In the grand scheme of things, know that we are fine, and hope to get back to regular programming as soon as possible.  Have a wonderful weekend my friends!  :)


Super Buck said...

Hi my doxie mommy friend. Twice a year, spring and fall, when the temperature jumps or crashes, I itch. I itch like crazy. I itch so much I want to rip my skin off. Take the Zyrtec for a few days. It works for me and I am far from anything close to a junkie. Benedryll cream can be licked off by a certain somepup which would be bad. Zyrtec, trust me.

Cassie said...

I take one Zyrtec and one Singulair every day of my life.
I take allergy shots once a week.
I squirt Dymista up my nose twice a day.
Allergies stink!
If I didn't take those, I'd be in bed all day every day with chronic sinus infections. *sigh
Trees and mold are a part of life in the woods of south Texas so there's no getting around it for me.
I feel yer pain!! Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey - your friendly dermatologist here - shoot me an email!


Sharon O said...

I'm often surprised when after holding Hannah I see an area of welts - they go away soon enough but it does seem to be a symptom of the aging process - never used to occur so I we empathize with you . . . Hannah is about 13 so that makes her MUCH older than I! But alas, I'm no longer bullet proof either. We're usually stronger than we think, but no martyrs needed. If anonymous truly is a friend (first) AND a dermatologist I'd take a listen.
The notes you post for the little kielbasa will be sorely missed, but we'll anxiously await your healthy return!
Hannah, Cowboy and me

kalyxcorn said...

thank you my friends for all your encouragement for mom . she says the itch comes and goes - mostly when it happens she gets get irritable and mentally consumed by it, but when it's done, it's all sunshine and roses and gee, what was She complaining about? like right now. miss soil, mom says she will email u for sure once she gets back to her regular laptop. the ipoop is not letting her get to her gmail at the moment and it is time for a nice warm shower :)