Wednesday, October 1, 2014

the tiny red cabin in the woods, a short story by baxter and duk duk, in lieu of a thirty page essay on the pros and cons of a spice based universe economy, that we were supposed to write for writing class

The ferocious monster paused to watch from a distance as smoke billowed from the chimney that sat atop the tiny red cabin in the woods. There would be plenty of time to stomp the cabin to the ground, the monster thought to himself as he settled down onto the cool soft mossy ground.  He stretched out in the open and let out a big yawn, no longer worried about being seen by the cabin's inhabitants as he had only minutes ago watched them drive off to town, probably in search of more video games to play or movies to watch because really what else interesting can you do in a tiny red cabin in the woods while you are waiting for your dinner to cook over a fire you made with sticks you collected because there was nothing else to do, especially since there were no video games to play or movies to watch .

Normally the ferocious monster would have stomped on the cabin by now, but he knew that if he waited long enough, dinner would be ready, and rabbit stew tasted delicious regardless of how stomped it had gotten. He sniffed at the smoke as it wafted in his direction.  Eleventy, no, three o'ninesies more minutes to go.

Monsters usually stomp alone. It's more fun that way to have the whole cabin or town yourself to stomp because then you can look back and see all that you did yourself, he thought.  But as his tummy started to growl, the ferocious monster realized that this stomping would have been a lot more fun if his he had invited his friend, Dukalodon, to join him.  Not to eat him, but so he could play with him.  And then maybe eat him. Or at least try to. After he stomped the cabin and ate the rabbit stew.  :)

(hee hee, i hope u enjoyed our story and yep mom got me a super cool new monster hat from Michaels, modified by mom for ear holes :) )


LoraLeigh said...

Great story Baxter!

Jane said...

Baxter at first I thought you were showing us a peep at your Halloween costume a little early. You do look scary! I liked your story and I hope teacher accepts it for the essay. :)
Jane and Sambo

Barbara Lambert said...

Nice use of "literary license" by referring to the cabin "in the woods" when in fact, there are clearly no "woods." I'm guessing that this is a case of "you can't see the forest for the trees"(where "the forest" is a euphemism for "the woods" and "the woods" is a metaphor for the multi-faceted thought processes that go through a monster's mind, in determining when, and with whom, to stomp a tiny red cabin in the existential forest. Or, maybe I'm over-thinking the whole thing.

kalyxcorn said...

thank u miss loraleigh! :)

and i sure hope so too miss jane. and hey - is sambo new??? :) :)

hee hee, no miss barbara. u got it spot on! :)