Friday, October 3, 2014

the third sense, another short story by baxter and duk duk, as told from the perspective of the tiny red cabin in the woods, still in lieu of our thirty page essay on the pros and cons of a spice based universe economy, that were were supposed to write for writing class , only now it is sixty pages because of the story we turned in yesterday

The tiny red cabin in the woods was relieved that its inhabitants had decided to go in to town for the evening.  Restless people are not very relaxing, and nothing irked the cabin more than having people inside it who did not appreciate the solitude that it offered. Now that they were gone, the little cabin could relax and go back to its happy go lucky, cabiny ways.

 And yet, a strange sense of foreboding still haunted the cabin.  It had survived many rough winters in the woods, put up with noisy little children and snoring adults and even survived a freak rainshower of poopie snakes mixed with monkey chow.  But something about this foreboding feeling was different. A warm wind blew in from behind, bringing with it a piquant stink of curious and exceptionally malodorous quality and consistency, accompanied by a low, almost imperceptible gurgling noise. 

Hmmmmmmmm, the tiny red cabin in the woods thought, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

O bother, the little cabin decided. I see no need to worry about things I can only smell and hear and cannot see.  I have stood here for many years now. And I will stand for many more. :)


Barbara Lambert said...

Clearly, your teacher does not appreciate your mastery of the well-spinned yarn, or the complexity of relating a compelling tale in such a parsimonious manner. Nonetheless, I look forward to reading duk duk's 90-page essay on the pros and cons of a spice based universe economy (to which he will obviously add your name as co-author, in order to avoid being stomped and/or pounded).

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, he he he! Baxter, you're killing us with this story! We are on pins and needles...

Seriously, someone has some talent in your household!

Can't wait for the next installment.

Dawn and Wishy