Friday, February 13, 2015

a dog and a duk walk into their school to hand out their homemade valentines...


hee hee, it sure was a good idea to make our own valentines this year, dontchoo think, duk duk?


i mean, sure it took us a lot of time to  think of what to say,  and then it took us forever to design them on the computer...

and here it is early friday morning and we are still trying to finish them up. but  a) everybuddy's who's anybuddy's bound to agree they're comedy gold, b) this year at school, we can finally give something back to all the mushy cootie contaminated girls at school, and c) we can also remind said girls about what is most important about valentine's day too.  espcially since mom will not let us bring our cootie fallout shelter 2 school. it's a win win win really, dontchoo think, duk duk?

 and,  what with us using all the right pleases and thank yous and all, well, surely we will not get in trouble with teacher for handing them out. if there is anything at all i have learned from watching house of cards, it's that manners are everything when u have something important 2 say.  anyhow, i think this was the last valentiney to cut so..

duk duk, u finish punching all the lacy stuff around the edges...

and i will start coloring all the... oh snap, is that the time i think it is? quick u get everything together and tell chocobot n lulu the tiger n lil pink puppy to be ready in three and i will....moooooooooom!

mom, sorry 2 use my outside voice but may we please have a ride to school today so we can finish our valentineys in the car?  :) :)



Lovable Lily said...

Wowzer Baxter an duk duk!! Your cards are really most beautiful and while we know you don't like us girlz because of the "cooties", we thinky you might offend some of them at school with those sayings on them. Bet you don't get any yummy goodies from the girlz who are sweet on you. Maybe next year you could tone down the "go stand over there" sentiment. Just saying!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lily Belle & Muffin
(yes, we have COOTIES) ;)

Jane said...

Baxter, I hope you made it to school on time with your valentines. That was a lot of work you did to make them. Let us know what the girls said and if your teacher approved since you used your manners.

Barbara Lambert said...

We are a gang of wiener dog grrrls, and we would gladly stand as far over there as you would prefer, if only we could have one of those amazing Valentine cards!

Gretchen, Gabby, Glinda and Clover ~ the cootie contingent of the Wiener Dog Gang (+1))

Melinda Wharton said...

Hi Baxter and duk duk - this is tuk tuk, your friend from Everything Dachshund on FB. Our mom let us read your blog posty for today and she is laughing and laughing at the elephant card that says P.U.! Even as she was typing this for us, she was still laughing so hard she spit on the computer screen. Just wanted to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Penny thinks you are the cutest most talented Dachsie there is. She would share her valentine treats with you.
She even has freeze dried dum feet. Oh please revive Duk Duk for us please.


Anonymous said...

That would be Duck feet. Dumb spell checker.