Friday, June 5, 2015

how 2 make sure your mom and dad never leave u home alone again :)

Though we always try to take him with us wherever we go, the oppressive heat of summer makes it impossible to take the little kielbasa with us for lunch and other little errands where he would have to stay in the car.  But try telling that to a tiny forlorn little weenie boy, who seems to know exactly what heart strings to pull and where to pull them now that we have a new sound activated web cam to watch over him.  :)

A video posted by kalyx cornucopia (@kalyxcornucopia) on

A video posted by kalyx cornucopia (@kalyxcornucopia) on


Bludog said...

Oh dear. I activated them both in stereo - that was TRULY pitiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Baxter! Truly heartbreaking! I don't even want to know what Wishy sounds like when we leave her alone!! I'll bet your mom and dad are just wracked with guilt! I'm so sorry you get sad when you are alone. Maybe its time for a lady companion? I wish you lived near us so you and Wishy could be friends, even tho she has cooties!
Dawn and Wishy

Jane said...

Baxter, we have a dog cam for Sambo too. My daughters think I am crazy but that is just because they are jealous of Sambo. That is what I tell them anyway. :) Sambo sleeps in his bed by the door to listen for us. When I check it and if he is out of his bed I tell my husband we need to start back. lol But for the most part he does not mind us leaving on short trips. You keep doing what you did on your video and I am sure you will not have to stay home alone too much. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Baxter. ThAt is utterly heartbreaking. Did mommy know you cried when she left. Oh gosh Baxter sometimes mommies have to go. I thought about getting one of those but not now. I couldn't handle that. I cried and you're not even mine. I know Penny suffered when I first left her. She was home all day with my mom and me. Mom is 98 so she was there when I went out for short trips to stores. So when Penny was 2 mom broke her hip. So I had to leave her alone for first time ever. I know she was confused upset and didn't understand. As Grammy better she could go with. Penny actually helped mom get better because she wanted to get home to her Penny. She has been a blessing for all but especially mom. Dogs have a secret talent for that. Gosh I love this little dog. I didn't know if I could after losing Ali but they have a way of crawling right in and filling up your empty heart. Love to you Mr. B.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Oh my! Our little dachshunds have such a way of making us feel guilty. Little Klaus spends his time alone in his large crate. Although he willing goes in, his facial expression rips our hearts out.

Little Klaus and his mom