Wednesday, September 23, 2009

doxie playgroup: finding yours

I have to say the thought of my husband and I bringing Baxter to a doxie playtime seemed a little weird at first. I'm not particularly people-y, and don't usually get much joy in the small talk department, at least when all we're doing is standing around staring at each other for the sole purpose of socializing. My kind of social would have me and my peeps at a table, working the chit chat while we're all making something. Or lazing about in front of the TV. Or sharing the hunt at the thrift store or flea market. I never would have thought going to the dog park would be high on my list of things to do.

But throw a ton of doxies into the mix and the equation changes dramatically. Seeing herds of doxies doing their thing, sharing the joy with others who equally appreciate the scene. Not a bad setup, especially if you attend with no expectations. And Baxter usually loves it.

We are fortunate enough to live in an area that seems to have a substantial population of doxies, but I would have never known that had I not googled around almost two years ago, looking for more info on Baxter's rescue organization. One thing led to another and I stumbled onto our situation. But here's a tip to save you time. If you're inspired to find a doxie playgroup in your area (or start one), check out and search on the keyword "dachshund" for your zip code. You never know, you may find out there's been a meetup in your area all along.

Go out and play!


chloejessica said...

I am a member of my local dachshund group! You are lucky to live near many doxies! Our meet ups are never to close, but still fun! :)

sadermaxx said...

I'm going to have to check that out, I think Sadie would enjoy meeting more Doxies. ( you know where she can meet and greet the dogie way)

Lorenza said...

We don't have those meet ups here!
Kisses and hugs

holykowkirby said...

Also check out "groups" at That's where our dachshund group in Madison, Wisconsin is located. We have 160 humans with probably400 doxies! Now that's a herd!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, we don't have meet ups here. We don't even have a dog park.

kalyxcorn said...

great tip, holykowkirby (by the way I LOVe your name). If anybody has any others, do share!

now THAT is a bummer, Tulip Frolics! I googled around and found this dachshund club in case you are able to make it out to Savannah. Let me know if you connect with them cuz it looks like super fun!!!

Joey and Maggie said...

Chicago Dachshund Lovers is on Yahoo as well. Me and Maggie and Joey got to co-host last month's meet. It's a lot of work sometimes - finding a place for the meetup, collecting money for the space, bringing potluck, drinks, having some kind of entertainment or class sometimes. But it sure is fun.
It's been around for 5.5 years now, and our 5th Annual Halloweenie Gala is right around the corner, which is always fun.
If there's not a meetup near you, start one!