Thursday, June 16, 2011

little boy blue

Little boy and his little nose boo boo took a turn as Little Boy Blue yesterday, trying his best to model a big dog flapjack hat I custom made for Midge, who I'm sure will wear it much better on her pretty little big dog head.

oooo a big dog? how big is she mom?

Well, I couldn't say, Baxter. But she's a labradoodle if that helps.

a labradoodle!, the little kielbasa's eyes did repeat in astonished fashion. well i'll be.....

Now hold still so we can take a picture and post it to Etsy for Midge's reserved listing.

mom, if midge can be part cheez doodle then can i be a doxiefry?

Hee hee. I'm sorry baby dog but it doesn't work that way. 

oh... well can i still have a french fry? the little kielbasa optimistically inquired.

Sorry baby dog, we do not have any.  But how bout a nice milkbone snackie??

yippee! yes please!! :)

And such was the end of our crafty day.


Anonymous said...

You look real good in blue Baxter!
You be lucky to have Midge to play with and to chase critters with - you will have to teach the ropes, big brother! What fun! *woof*

- Hildy

HH and The Boys said...

That's a great hat, and I agree that color looks great on you. Beautiful... Doxifry...hee hee

pawhugs, Max

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee hildy do not tell her but thankfully midge is not coming to my house cuz me have a thing about big dogs ever since they rolled me at the dog park! shhhhhhh! :) b

oh thank u max! :) b

Keren Hening said...

Max and Hildy are both right! You look stunning!! Your mom should make up a portfolio of your photos and get you into modeling!!

Auntie Keren

Bludog said...

Bax has kind of a Gibson girl vibe going there with the big blue hat... Special request - we'd like to see pictures from Midge's mom when she receives her doodle finery.

kalyxcorn said...

thank u miss keren! :)

my mom said 2 tell u she asked midge's mom just now in a convo so we will see! miss bludog, if u have paper on hand and a sharpie then maybe sometime we r together we can try to make a pattern for max n honey if u r interested :)

Anonymous said...

Hokey Smokes Baxter!
I know whatcha mean about big doggies - they want to play, but they don't know how big they are - my mom is cosus too!]

- Hildy

Bludog said...

Max would be a read and black buffalo plaid kinda guy - but he already has such a fur coat that I don't think he'd need a hat. However... little Honey could look quite cute in a pretty and feminine hat!

Hannalei said...

That is beyond adorable. You look like a lil Paige pup! :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute hat! I love the blue. :) Nice modeling job, Baxter!