Wednesday, August 29, 2012

study break: aka the secret hungry games - squeaky squirrel vs apple pumpkin flower snackie

dunt duh dah!  la-deees and gentlemen! welcome to the secret hungry games where the visually anonymous sir baxby dukken cesar is getting ready for his first secret hungry games challenge, super squeaky squirrel vs apple pumpkin flower snackie!  will sir baxby dukken cesar side with his bottomless tummy and go for the favorite to win in this match by picking the delicious smelling apple pumpkin flower snackie, or, after working on his homework for a thuffering thuccotathy seven whole minutes, will sir baxby dukken cesar's inner wolf  prompt him to pick the underdog, super squeaky squirrel,  for a much needed serious squeaky break?  dunt duh dah! post your bets in the comments below and find out the facts tomorrow! 


(pssst- if u think u figured out who sir baxby dukken cesar actually is, can you please not tell my mom bcuz as u can guess,, he should be studying! :) :)


Jasper + Amy said...

Oh, my guess will be for the super yummy smelling apple pumpkin treat, because a doxie's tummy is never full... :)


Anonymous said...

jawoll,it will be the yummy smelling treat,cause stuffies are allowed on dietdays too,but snackies are a rare treasure!
i hope,momma willlet you enjoy both
greetings anni,the foxbrothermomma

PiNkY's ViCtOrY™ & CoMpAnY said...

No'll snag the treatie!

Lovable Lily said...

I just know I'm gonna get it right THIS time! It's the super yummy flowery treat. Yup that's my pick.

And Baxter, er.... I mean sir baxby dukken cesar, you're secret is safe with us.

Lily Belle

Cassie said...

We all vote for the snackie ovah here!

Lorenza said...

The snackie!
Now... go back to do your homework!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Both,grab the snackie and squirrel and ruuuuuuun.

Marene and Penny