Thursday, January 24, 2013

our daily paw


...hee hee, well, i still do not understand why but, okay mom.  just no kissy kissyin this time, okay?  okay.

(Because they're chubby n stubby and super cute, my tiny boyfriend! :) )


Anonymous said...

Cute! I love my Kirby's little paws too!

Miss Linda

Bludog said...

Swoon. I love those little feeties!

Lovable Lily said...

Did your little paws get a manscape today Baxter? You're as handsome as ever my friend!

My Mom's way too chicken to cut ours.

Lily Belle

Ed and Jill said...

Doxie feet are too cute....smell the pads - they smell like Fritos :) LOL funniest thing!

Do your feet smell like Fritos Baxter??

Kerri said...

Fat paws at the end of stumpy legs are the bestest! (But, oh, those gray hairs. *sadness*)