Sunday, April 7, 2013

baxter and duk duk's nitey nite bedtime tales: the little kielbasa helps a bunny


Hello everybuddy and welcome to me and duk duk's very special nitey nite bedtime tales! For the next few days, me and duk duk will be posting later than usual so we can read you a bedtime story from the super cool book that mom got us.  Only because it is in another language that we do not understand, me and duk duk will be making up our own super cool story as we go along.  Are you ready to get into your jammies because here we go!

This book is called " The Little Kielbasa Helps a Bunny" by Dodo Baloney.  Illustrated by Paul Doolittle using mom's dinnerware, with Mona Goshopping. A Laddieman publication published in 1972, originally costing 1 kruppence.

Okay I am turning the page and I hope u got your jammies on because here we go :)



In a tiny enchanted corner of his backyard just to the left of his favorite pooping tree,and three paces from where he remembered he spied a turtle one hot summer day last year,  the Little Kielbasa was minding his own business digging a giant hole and having fun watching his foofies float away in the springtime breeze when he spied a little white bunny in the shadows of some tall tall grasses.  

"Hi, howya doin?" asked the bunny. "My name is Strik. You have beem making smells like a fella who might know this.  Do you know where I might get some delicious monkey chow pancakes?  I am not from around here and I am famished!"

"I am pretty good," said the Little Kielbasa. "And yes! I know just the place.  Here, follow me. We will need to stop and get a few things along the way."

(oops, sorry my head got in the way of the picture but the little kielbasa is talking to a bunny that is just under my nose.  u will see him soon., when u scroll down....)

Hoping that bunnies are not allergic to such flavorful additions, the Little Kielbasa led his new friend under a hole in the fence by the yard where his friends, The Little Misses, live, to get the stash of McCormick spices and extracts that they kept in their backyard playhouse.  He also considered whether or not he should get enough supplies to make monkey chow beignets, but thought better of it when he remembered what a hard time Strik had pulling his chubby hiney out from under the fence....

Hee hee, okay this book goes on for a few more pages my friends so we will pick up here tomorrow bcuz it is getting past our bedtimes. Pleasant dreams and nitey nite!! :) :)


Jane said...

I am liking your bedtime story Baxter.

Lovable Lily said...

Just one more page Baxter, one more pag................... Zzzzzzzz..........

Lily Belle & Muffin

kalyxcorn said...

thank u miss jane. the story is nine whole pages long! :)

hey, wake up lily belle n muffin! tonight pages 3 and 4! :)