Monday, June 17, 2013

the day before

hee hee, what do you think my friends?  i cannot wait til father's day morning tomorrow when we suprise dad with the super cool bookends we got him at the flea market today from mister randy! it was totally worth trading in the trebuchet for this -  dad has so many books and now he can display them as one super super super long doxie if he wants to!

what's that, oh yeah u r right duk duk, it is only three o'clock now and father's day is not for another eighteen hours.  if he sees us here with our gift then it would spoil the surprise. maybe we should hide it in the backyard behind the poop mushie stand.  nobuddy ever goes there..hee hee, or should, without wearing a gas mask at least.

anyhoo, these bookends are so heavy, i think we are all going to need to help push it out there, especially since it is still a little muddy outside and if we get stuck, well there will be no way we can bring it back in for father's day...

so i will get in front and pull but everybuddy else needs to get behind the wagon and push, okay? and remember, do not stop or we will get stuck!   


Bludog said...

What a fabulous gift - I hope it's not stuck in the mud behind the poop mushie stand!!

Anonymous said...

daddy is sooo lucky to have such a thoughtfull baxter!
im sure he loved your wonderful gift.
hope,it doesnt smell of poopie snakes tooo much,hehe
from sam and buddy and momma anni

Anonymous said...

Wow. You and your momma find the most neato stuff. Happy Fathers Day.