Friday, September 20, 2013

dapper doxie duds: the happy gent

 what? for my friend gunther?? but mom, i know it is a little big on me but how could this not be my dud? especially since i need a new one so i can run for class president - this year the president not only gets to clean erasers, but he or she will also get to take out teacher's recycling too! promise me u will make me one soon, too, wontchoo?? :) :)

Gunther's Happy Gent Dud: Blue & Navy Argyle Cotton Knit with snackie pocket, happy button detailing, and very dapper removable red silk jackquard bowtie.  Perfect for class president wanna bes, and other happy gents :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my Baxter...that is possibly the cutest, sorry, most handsome, thing I've ever seen! Very spiffy.

Elizabeth, Shug and Blueberry

Lisa Stock said...