Tuesday, September 24, 2013

goodbye molly & millie

As we grow older, it seems we collect more than gray hairs and stories of our aches and pains, we collect names.  Of those whom we have met who touched our lives, whom we have loved, and inevitably lost.

Even though we always know from the beginning of our relationship that it is likely we will be adding the names of  our tiny little four legged friends to our list, it never eases the pain when that day arrives, nor does it  provide much comfort for the days thereafter when the world so rudely keeps on spinning. Tiny chumley's list of names grew by two these past few days, and it is with a heavy heart that today we must say goodbye to our friends Molly and Millie, and promise that we will remember them and all our friends whom we have lost, all the rest of our days.  Rest in peace sweet girls, and warmest of hugs to your families <3 br="">


Bludog said...

OK, that nearly did me in - I clicked through and reread all of the goodbyes. But, thank you. You've been a wonderful friend, creator of duds (and cards, and necklaces, and tiny treasure boxes, and all), and a blog-artiste. A day without Kalyxcornucopia is not nearly as good as a day with it!!

And so we go on, without beloved Molly, and still mourning Max ... but there are new adventures ahead with Honey and little Penny, and new dog loves that we haven't even met yet.

I was thinking yet again ... why do our dog's lives have to be so short relative to ours? But there is an important lesson there. Let no breeze go unsniffed, don't fail to stop and be warmed in a sunny spot, eat your tasty treats first, and wear your special duds every day, because time is fleeting, and we do not get it back.


Edward Patience said...

A wonderful eulogy for my Millie. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Lovable Lily said...

Such a beautiful rememberance that life is indeed too short.

We know that we shall meet up with Molly & Millie someday at The Bridge. Until then, sleep now with the Angels....

Lily Belle & Muffin

Taffy said...

I'm so sad to read about Molly and Millie. I clicked through and re-read the goodbye posts. Kaly, you write the sweetest goodbye posts and the one you wrote for Twix still brings me to tears. Thank you for being our friend back then and now.