Saturday, December 14, 2013

dapper doxie duds: Kirby blossom dud

Some lucky little boy had a birthday when it came time to take pictures of this lovely new dud I just finished, which hopefully explains why he isn't here, modeling with all the glee a little boy with an opportunistic tummy can muster while wearing flowers and pearls.  But that's okay.  After a month or two when I start work again on the duds already in the pipeline, there will be plenty more for mister bottomless tummy to model. :)

For Kirby: Sweet coral pink micro gingham cotton dud with cherry blossom pink ribbon and red rack, vintage button, and removable hand dyed silk flower with freshwater pearl and seed beaded center. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Baxter's Mom!
Kirby's dud arrived yesterday and it is super super beautiful! I am sure she will love, love, love it on Christmas morning! Thank you!

Miss Linda