Thursday, May 8, 2014

dapper doxie duds: project h r d puffnstuff

hee hee duk duk,  u r way too close. although save the picture so we can post a chestie later to our instygram.


okay okay. i know u only have one wing, but try and hold the iphoney like this and then u will see that it will autofocus just fine. 

oops, hee hee sorry duk duk, i did not mean to bump u in the  - ow, quit it! hey look we promised we would finish today's blog posty about the second super cool dud mom made for me and u know how important it is for us to talk about it on account of it being our secret silent toyfriend club dud and a crucial if not somewhat misleading recruitment tool to gain more members in time for project hr depuffnstuff to succeed.   i mean, just look at the thoughtfully placed contrast double stitch lines, the double welted d ring hole,  and this super cute and slightly edgy image of the super cool stuffed bunny drawing from dad's old tee. they are sure to  turn heads and when people ask we can - ow! duk duk if u do that again i am going 2 pound --

oh hi mom. say what - the bus is coming? um, well, do u think we can work on our blog posty more after school? me and duk duk seem to be having some slight artistic differences. :) :)



Tammy said...

Baxter, for some reason it always makes me giggle when you threaten to "pound" duk duk. You make me smile!

Jasper + Amy said...

Love, love, love this new dud B!!