Monday, July 28, 2014

dapper doxie dud: get me to the church on time

 Hello friends it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter! I'm reporting to you today about my friend Ted.  That's him, the black and tan on the right, only he is two years older now.  There are only so many pictures of him because he is a ranch dog, and ranch dogs, well they do not have a lot of time for pictures do they, what with the deer and the antelope to play with and the horse poop to roll in and, well, you get the idea. 

Anyhow, even though Ted has a super cool job already, he is going to have an even super cooler one to do this weekend, because he is going to be the ring bearer at his mom and dad's wedding!  Yeah, I know, it stinks that he will probably have to take a bath for it, but at least he will be walking down the aisle in style thanks to this dud my mom made for him, made from a subtle sandy colored checkered suiting woolen complete with super special little silvery buttons, a removable bowtie made from a vintage necktie, and two double welted teeny tiny ring pockets! I like the ring pockets because there are snaps inside so u know, important things do not fall out, and well, because there are two of them. Because, in a pinch, if during rehearsal he realizes the actual wedding might go long, he could plan ahead and stuff both rings in one pocket, and put some delicious jerky treats in the other. 

Anyhoo, I sure hope Ted and his family have a super super day come Saturday! Me, well, I've got a unicorn to appreciate super soon and I hope u do too because, heads up, Unicorn Appreciation Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, July 29th!! (I hope that's right - I do not have my calendar in front of me).  This is Baxter your roving reporter, wishing you the happiest of Mondays!  :)


Lissa said...

Boy, do I wish I had your mom's talent for making doxie duds, Baxter! Beautifully done.

PairADox Designs said...

So very well made as usual! Hope we get to see some pictures of Ted wearing the vest with the Bride and Groom!

Lovable Lily said...

Ted is gonna look super dee duper in his new duds. Congrat's to the bride and groom.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Bludog said...

Congrats to Ted and his family!

And now ... let's get on with unicorn appreciation day :-)

Tammy said...

Gorgeous duds!

Jasper + Amy said...

Super cute!! Reminds me a little of the dressy duds you made for Jasper. :)

M&P said...

Mr. B, according to your website unicorn appreciation day is June 29. That's ok. We should appreciate everyone and everything all the time. Just like we do you. Love you Mr. B.