Wednesday, September 24, 2014

video cuteness: cash n carry

dear diary,
even though it is superfun for me and duk duk to take my pedal car and pedal to the pet store ourselves, sometimes i think it is also very nice to go to the pet store with mom and dad, mostly because when me and duk duk go, we eat all our gummy worms on the way over and by the time we get there, we can never afford anything. and when me and mom and dad go like we did the other day, they give me cash so i can buy a bag of snackies and then i carry it to the car all by myself.

anyhoo, i must go now so i can ask mom if she will make me a pair of cargo pants that i can wear to school that has extra extra big pockets. that way, well, let's just say some movies have the best ideas. toodleydoo! b. :)


Anonymous said...

Such a good boy you are, Baxter! You carry your goodies to the car and don't even try to tear it open.

Little Klaus' mom

Anonymous said...

Baxter you are a very good boy. Wally would run off with the bag, find a hiding place - usually under something - and then skulk around like a troll under a bridge, growling at everyone until he managed to eat the whole bag! But since we love him we don't let him do that. You enjoy! B & Wally