Friday, January 22, 2016

ode to snow

i hope i will get to see,
some lovely pretty snowflakes
falling in front of me. :)


Heidi + Gretchen's Dad said...

TWC says you will get your wish

Anonymous said...

Oh, Baxter, what a wonderful cozy way to view the pretty snow flakes! Just be careful that you don't get stuck in a snow drift when you go potty.

Little Klaus' Mom

bartokmd said...

Hi Baxter--you are looking fine. I;m glad you are staying warm. I just wanted to let your mom know that I lost Kate just before Christmas. She was 15 years and 1 month!
It brings a smile to see you still going strong!
Stay warm down there---it's very snowy, windy and cold up here in MD.

Hugs, your friend Jenny