Wednesday, August 9, 2017

step four: if u get caught, think fast and deflect deflect deflect

hee hee, yeah, and maybe after, we can use it to carve our names on the unknowwhat by the uknowwhere. boy it is taking forever for that thingy 2 heat up. maybe i should go over and check on -

- uh-oh, i hear mom coming. if she finds out we will be grounded forever and not jusy til school starts again. quick turn off the thingy and help me get my safety gl--

oh hello mother. u smell nice today.
did u know we pooped and peed behind the sofa today? i will show u while duk duk stays here and does dukky things. and then maybe after, we can watch u finish our flippy flops? :) (ickqupoopay ukdpoopay ukdpoopay, eanclpoopay pupoopay ilewhpoopay ewpoopay reapoopay onegpoopay).


Anonymous said...

Subterfuge and misdirection! Such a clever little wolf. Wally and B

Anonymous said...

Baxter, your mom is going to find out sooner or later what you were going to do. Besides don't you already know that all moms have eyes in the back of their heads, as well as the sides of their heads and the top, especially moms of dachshunds; we definitely must be very vigilant.

Little Klaus' Mom Krista