Monday, March 26, 2018

these are not those :)

why, nopies, mom, i did not hear or see anything like that. and u would think i would notice, too, because i have just been sitting here waiting for duk duk to come back with some sunscreen really. u know, so we can do a little tummy tanning together. this time of year is always so nice for timmy tanning, isn’t it? well, anyhoo, if anything changes i will let u - sorry, what’s that? what’s what between my toesies?

oh, um, wow. hmm. would u look at that - they look just like the ones u said were missing! only, of course, these are not those otherwise they would be missing too, wouldn’t they, mom? :)


Anonymous said...

Oh-oh, caught red-handed!....or should I say, red-pawed. And such an innocent face you have, Baxter.

Little Wisconsin Klaus' mom, Krista

Tami Baughman Bequette said...

Looks like you should get a reward for being such a good Wolfies and finding them! Let's call it a finder's fee