Friday, May 25, 2018

f e r o c i o u s

ha ha very funny, mom. everybuddy knows there is no such thing as a bark button and even if there were, wolves would not have one because we are f e r o c i o u s. that’s right, ferocious. :)

(ps - we are hoping to have a supedoot fair probably june 3rd or so, so stay tuned bc we are not sure how nuch advance notice we will be giving on account of us being so busy making like, everything!)


Anonymous said...

You are just so cute and adorable!! But then I'm partial to dachshunds. I'll try to stay tuned for your fair.

Little Wisconsin Klaus' mom, Krista

Anonymous said...

Hi Liitle B, I hope there is another way to get notified of your posts. I hear networked blogpost is shutting down and I am limiting fb. I do follow you on instagram so maybe that is best. Keep posting little friend. You are a lttle ray of sunshine every morn! Wally and B

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