Friday, August 3, 2018

wolf patrol svu

hee hee, thank u for working wolf patrol with me today, little miss julia. with duk duk visiting his cousins before school starts, hardly anybuddy else can really appreciate the intense preparation, vigilance, and patience required to protect our lands.

yessir, keeping post is a sacred duty and honor, upheld by years of tradition and fealty. us wolves and falcons, and honorary wolves, do more than just protect our lands, really. we let mom know when packages arrive, we scare off bunnies and other ferocious predators, why, we even keep traffic flowing smoothly and efficiently by discouraging loitering by pedestrians and vehicles both large and small. we cover it all really, using sophisticated visual and tactical and even aural techniques to ensure a successful outcome. and it pays pretty well, too, like a snackie an hour if u play your cards ri— ooo ooo! pew eeew no sniff back ten o’clock, agent brown landmine activation times two - unsuspecting pedestrian duo with stroller. double points award category eleven o niner, poop smear and skid marks!

hee hee hee, yessssss! i cannot wait to tell duk duk when he gets home. :)


Unknown said...

Such a brave and dedicated Wolf you are!!! xoxoxo The Bequette Pack!!