Wednesday, April 24, 2019


okay, well, u will not be upstairs for long, right? okay..then i guess so. well, i promise i will try. but please do not take forever. i had hardly any time to..

hee hee, o looky.  speak of the azor poophai. the poop that was promised.  the poopsatz panterach. smela, goddess of stink. hee hee hee. u know the rules, cassie. fee fi fo hurl! i smell the stink of a cootie girl! whoforth ever so panty dares to traipse on the sacred ramp of ferocious wolfiness shall suffer the -

hey hey, i said whoforth ever dares to - 

i said -  aw come on! this ramp is only for - cassie u have plenty of space right over - 

moooom! can u please tell cassie my ramp is for little-  i mean ferocious wolves only?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Baxter, were you going to say "for little cute precious dachshunds"?

Little Klaus' mom, Krista