Friday, June 14, 2019

projected personal usage rate

hee hee hee, omg yeppies these stickers are totally perfect for our new water bottles! 

thank goodness mom ordered them in weatherproof vinyl so that way they can be put on pretty much anything we want to really. 

hmmm, that is a very good question. we have two but they are both so different. i guess maybe u could the yeti on monday wednesday and friday, and i could take the hydro flask on tuesday thursday and saturday. 

then on sunday, we switch so that i would take the hydroflask on monday wednesday friday and u take the yeti on tuesday thursday and saturday!

wait...what? o.  i see your point. i guess we really need more bottles.  plus, shouldn’t mom have ordered like a zillion stickers bc seriously, by the time we will doot them along with our temporary tattoos this monday the 17th, we probably will only have like two left!  i mean, think about all the places that need a ferocious sticker like one of these - our pedal car, our laptop, our trebuchet...not to mention cassie’s furry butt.. hee hee well okay not really but u know what i mean.. okay let me tell her..

um, mom, two things. one, in order to properly share, may we please have another yeti and another hydroflask, preferably in racecar red and falcon beak yellow, respectively? 

and second, our projected personal usage rates indicate there might be a slight inventory problem for this monday’s semi serendipitous stickers n tattoos summer fun doot. so, maybe could u order like eleventy zillion more already? :)


Jenn said...

We’ll need a few up here in DC!