Monday, September 9, 2019

sunday brunch

hee hee, omg, duk duk, mom surely cannot complain if we make this for ourselves for brunchy brunch - it is chock full of protein! perfect for growing wolves and falcons. o yeppies, i wonder which meat flavor it is, too. oo, maybe it’s du- i mean, maybe it’s chicken.  or like, chicken and bananas. or is that butter? no i think it’s bananas. i mean, the package does not say chicken and bananas but clearly there are bananas in the picture and there are only so many quality sources of protein, right?  so, i bet it is chicken and bananas. ooo chicken and banana flavored waffles! hee hee okay okay i am drooling too. let’s see what u need to do to make it...

“just...add...water”. wait, just add water?? that is genius! we can make like a zillion of these in no time at all!  

o wait, duh i bet u r right. i guess we would still need to use the wafffle maker if we want them xtra krispy krunchy.  

hmmmmmm. hmmmm. well, i guess it would still be worth it.  what’s that, duk duk?  o u know what, u r righty-o again my friend.  if we r gonna go thru all that trouble, we may as well make them extra delicious and that substitution might be a perfect solution! and we only need 2/3 a cup so that is not a lot. hee hee, just add water. who are they kidding? okay okay, let me ask her..

mom, do u think me and duk duk can have 2/3 a cup of strawberry kool aid? for um, no unusually delicious reasons really .. :)